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I started using Propellerheads' Reason software to make mainly electronic music and I have recently reintroduced the guitar. My music has been featured in the following projects:

Soundtrack music material for various productions by Steven Beaumont

The popular internet compilation album "Wakka Chikka, Wakka Chikka" released on Comfort Stand records

Soundtrack for "Thesis Film" by Ron de Marse

Soundtrack for "Guerilla!" by John Foutz

Featured on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone, broadcast on BBC's 6 music digital radio channel

Featured on Richard Penguin's Acoustic & Eclectic show, broadcast on futureradio

Soundtrack for "Fibonacci Tryst" by MyMathFilms  



THERION - Therion recorded the "Created In Hate" demo in 1988.

ASYLUM - Asylum (formerly Archaos) recorded a track entitled "Cleanse By Fire" for the "Rock The Canary" compilation CD and appeared at the CD launch party at The Waterfront, Norwich in 1991.

FEROX - Ferox recorded one demo, "Bloodline" in 1992.


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