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Music releases for download

2019 recordings:

Steel Guitar instrumental

2015 recordings:

Ο ΘΕΡΜΑΣΤΗΣ (The Stoker)


2014 recording:


2013 recording:
Zeigernik Effect

2012 recordings:

Christy is sleeping
Sound Orbit 1

2011 recording:
Solar Hymn

 HLFP_05 homemade lofi psych compilation 2010
HLFP05 "Space is Still the Place"

Nick Chapman contribution
"Let's Get This Mother Outta Here"

 Nick Chapman EP2008

 1. The Only Reason

 2. Bee City

 3. Golombek to play (and win)

 4. Thin Air

 front cover / back cover

 Nick Chapman EP2007

 1. Attune to a sigh

 2. Our friend's ship is sinking

 3. Observations from the ocean floor

 4. My world is very small

 front cover / back cover

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Please note that all music presented here is © Nick Chapman.  Please respect the rights of the composer.

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